Live Life Forever



I took a photo of the buildings reflected but it was too ordinary. Then their light caught my eye, dancing on the moving calm of the water.

There suddenly
i saw life
in those ripples.

It’s all around us constantly. But only through interaction with our world is when we get to experience it.

From the bounce of a ball to the swinging of a leaf in the breeze, there is where we witness life. That steady unforgiving constant of pure energy.

Some call it ether. Others categorize it as physics. I see it as life, in pure form.

From the rhythm of our walk and the echo of our talk, life is and remains.

Live life forever. When we walk with open eyes and hearts, life flows to us. It gives us energy and fills us with amazement for seemingly the simplest things.

Live life. Love life. Life is beautiful.

Beauty is there to be appreciated. For if not, then why be?

Go out there and live. It sounds obvious, but only when we get the full understanding is when we can appreciate it’s true meaning.

Live life forever. GO!


The ravelling

the roads.png

the road familiar
torches fade the way
lighted below lay circular stones

the road majestic
telling promise of bright shadows
gardens still remain unknown

the road fantastic
rumors of scattered gold
fighting dust to find the sun’s glow

the road forgotten
towering oaks ceil the path
muddy tracks of journey’s ago

What if it wasn’t about where you are going
but rather which way you wanted to go?

The silent race


The silent race.jpg

When we want something we want it now.

It always feels good to acquire what our hearts desire. But the bliss of fulfillment barely overshadows the rush of anticipation. Why is that? Because it’s in this period, between setting a goal and it materializing, where the real magic happens.

We live in a magical world. A simple seed can become the tallest tree. A tingling infatuation can bring forth a whole new human being. A spur of the moment idea can become a mind-blowing invention. They are all made possible by the sleight of hand called time. The master magician!

We often hear that anything really worth having takes some effort put into it. The old “you get out what you put in” phrase comes to mind. The same way that the magician has his tricks to deceive even the quickest of eyes, time works behind the scenes transforming our actions into amazing results.

Be amazed by time! It is our dearest friend. It’s always here, silent but strong, moving everything along the path directed. Be aware of time! Think big! Think long-term but take action now!

Simply said, we must plant our seeds and visualize the forest. Before you know it you will be walking among your dreams. Now that sounds like magic, doesn’t it?

What’s yours?


Everyone has their story.

We grow up putting people in categories, mostly based on past experiences. However useful this may be in the selection process of our to-be peers, once we are past that phase we must discard all judgement and start anew with a blank page.


There are no two people alike. Everyone is the product of the most minuscule of details adding up over time. Our mind frames are constantly changing, adapting, to thrive in our environment.

Think about it…

That one time you fell off the bike when you were little; Did anyone see you? Was there someone to help you? Was there someone mocking you? Did you get back on the bike?

You get the point. That single instance could have had multiple results with their particular effect on our psyche. Now imagine every single action you undertake daily and it’s possible results.

No two people are alike. Not even close.

Give everyone’s petals a chance to blossom and you will get to experience true beauty unfold. Start with a blank canvas. And as you learn more and delve deeper the painting will become richer. A true masterpiece in its own right.


masks off.jpg

Some people wear armor.
I wear my heart on my sleeve.

It’s better to be welcomed for who you are
than to sneak in like a thief.

Stealing hearts with a mask on,
that’s not who you want to be.

You want to be you.
The best or worst version of it.

As long as it’s true
and your colors show through,
you always win.

Small or big,
a win is a win.

And a win is always beautiful.

A thin line


How can we hate people that we once loved the most? Anyone from old flames to friends and family. Could what happened really be enough to warrant that energy? Or is there a more logical and solvable reason? Thinking about this brought me to the following theory;

Love creates a pocket in our hearts for the person it’s directed to. And as we feel more love the space expands. Any emotion that we experience will take up it’s share in the room that love created. And as one emotion becomes more overpowering it will take up more and more room. So that’s why when we love someone infinitely and unconditionally, the same will be for when our emotions change. They will be felt with the same passion.

They say that there is a thin line between love and hate… The space that once loved so deeply, can hate with the same fervor. How do we manage this now that we are aware of it? Maybe a neutral emotion can take place of the whole space and once the space becomes homogeneous it may shrink and we can start again from scratch. This is a maybe.

I do not pretend to have all the answers. But i always work to get to what is the most logical explanation. Take the gems you need and keep building upon your path. May peace and love forever fill our hearts.

Building my castle


“Good things are supposed to happen to me.”

“I expect to be successful!”

“I’m destined to be a good father.”

“I have the ability to create wealth.”

“I contribute to other’s lives.”

“I make my own happiness!”

“Discipline will help me achieve my goals.”

“I’m surrounded by good people that genuinely like me for who i am.”

I can make you famous


Since i laid my eyes
upon her
even more when i glanced twice
i knew
i needed to say hi
to know more
who’s hiding
behind those two eyes

and then i met her…

every breath i took
near her
could be a letter
detailing my every plan
for her
or even better
for us
if she only knew
the depths of my mind

every time we speak
i feel
our souls intertwine
opening all doors
in the chambers of the heart

a breath of fresh air